About Pro Netting Essex Limited

High-Quality Safety Netting Service

Presiding out of Romford, Essex, Pro Netting Essex Limited provides a range of safety services for all industrial construction projects big or small. 

Utilising over 10 years’ experience our expert team specialise in hire and installation of safety netting, allowing your workers to work up a height while work continues on ground level. Along with netting our team provide a host of other materials, including airbags and scaffolding to ensure your project and is as safe as possible. We work hard to meet your needs and is completed in safe and professional manner.

Our Highly-Constructed Safety Process

Such is our profession we ensure that all our material is constantly tested and up to regulation, only using safety nets that conform to the BS EN 1263-1&2 requirements and are tested on an annual basis. This allows us to provide a complete and comprehensive service to our clients.

All our staff are qualified safety net riggers that are FASET trained to a level 2 ASSED standard, as well as being trained in all types of safety regulation to conform with HSE requirements. Making our operatives are very experienced and highly trained.

If you think we can help you, don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements. 

Contact us for more information on our history with safety netting and what excellent services we are able to provide for your industrial construction project.