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    13/05/2021 - Pro Netting Essex Limited 0 Comments
    Why You Need Industrial Safety Nets to Protect Your Workers

    Working in the field of construction is not without its challenges. For many contractors and project managers, the biggest challenge is ensuring that every worker on the site is safe. There could be a lot of repercussions if accidents and injuries happen under the watch of supervisors and project managers. If your company wants to make sure that no such thing happens on your watch, you need to set up robust and effective workplace safety measures immediately.

    There are so many things that can happen within the project site. Some of the leading causes of fatalities in construction sites include working-at-heights, falling debris or blocks of materials, machinery misuse, just to name a few. Over the years, many companies have caught on to the dangers of working at height and have since placed safety measures in their workplaces. Others, however, still have to catch up.

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    07/04/2021 - Pro Netting Essex Limited 0 Comments
    4 Different Types of Fall Protection Systems

    You have probably heard of industrial safety nets and airbags at least once in your life, especially if you are working in the construction industry. These fall protection systems are installed to reduce the safety risks and hazards associated with falls.

    Falls are the leading cause of workplace deaths among construction workers. Every day, four construction workers die, sometimes as a result of a preventable accident. And according to statistics, falls from heights account for one-third of all construction fatalities.

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    07/10/2020 - Pro Netting Essex Limited 0 Comments
    How to Stay Safe on Site This Winter

    Whatever the weather, work still needs to be completed! For those working at height, the cold temperatures and gloomy conditions are often just part and parcel of the job. However, these conditions can make it more likely for a safety incident to occur. Read on to see our top tips on staying safe when working at height this winter!

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