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Crash Bags: What Are They?

The risk of falling from height is often far greater than it is for some people in other industries. Workers in the construction and industrial industry have to work on scaffolding in high-rise buildings, putting them more at risk of injuries.


When one hears of falling, the first thing that comes to mind is danger. But that’s not always the case as fall arrest systems can always save the day. Take airbags or crash bags, for example.


These bags are designed to provide an extra layer of safety and protection to workers who have to work at height. In this post, let’s take a closer look at these crash bags, their components and functions, and how they can help save lives.


A Closer Look at Crash Bags

Airbags are an important component of fall arrest systems. These are inflatable air cushions designed to protect anyone working at height, including operatives working at first-floor joist level and construction workers in unfinished buildings. Along with rope access, these inflatable air cushions provide an easily transportable fall arrest solution.


They can cover a large area when inflated, making them perfect for use in buildings and other construction sites. These airbags comprise an inner liner and outer protective bag, designed to reduce the chance of a person sustaining injuries from falling. They are shock absorbers that reduce fall arresting forces.


Some airbags come in a wearable form and are wrapped around a worker’s body like a life vest. Take note, however, that air cushions aren’t enough on their own. As per the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations, using different types of fall safety equipment is recommended for improved safety.


The Importance of Using Air Bags

Safety is of absolute importance when working at height. There’s no denying that falling from height is one of the main causes of injury in many industrial sectors across the UK, including the construction industry, manufacturing industry, agricultural sector, and transport industry. This is why safety measures should be implemented to prevent serious injuries and even save lives.


Relevant data shows that having fall protection systems in place greatly minimises the consequences of injuries caused by falling from height. From air pocket fall arrest bags to wearable air jackets, any form of fall arrest solution is important to ensure that a worker is protected during a fall. Workplace accidents, like falling through a fragile roof or off the ladder, are minimised thanks to these fall arrest systems.


They are the safest

If we talk about the most effective fall safe systems available, airbags are on the list. They offer absolute safety for any activity involving heights, such as installing beam and block floors and roof trusses. Depending on their type, air cushions can be used to deal with falls from first floor joist level and up to 8 meters or even over 20 meters above ground level.


They can be custom-made

What’s great about these air cushions is that they can be in custom sizes. They are also modular, which means that several cushions can be joined together to cover larger areas. Custom-built airbag systems are researched and scientifically developed to a unique specification.


Whether you require fewer bags to cover the area you need to or need a specific quantity of individual air pockets, custom-made airbags can provide a reliably robust fall arrest system to deal with simultaneous falls.


They can be used in different settings

Inflatable air cushions are exactly the fall arrest solution that guarantees improved safety and provides impact absorption across different settings. From industrial sites to manufacturing plants, industries that have to get their employees to work several meters above ground level can use these air bags.


They can also be used in the transport industry. Workers that are tasked with unloading or loading trailers are at risk of a considerable amount of injuries. Inflatable air cushions can surround the trailer and transform the loading/unloading bay into a safer work environment.


They should be used with other fall safety equipment

Site operators have to identify the height requirements for utilisation of a fool-proof fall restraint system. For absolute safety and protection, air cushions are best used with other fall safety equipment like safety nets and body harnesses.


Wrapping It Up

Crash bags are effective shock absorbers and widely used in construction and industrial sites. They prevent fatal injuries to the head of the workers and thereby save lives. Once the body of a worker touches the crash bag, the bag works to absorb the shock from the fall, minimising injuries.


For a safer work environment, air cushions have to be deployed. Site operators can choose from different forms of these bags, but they have to ensure that the bags meet industry standards.


Safety First with Pro Netting Essex Ltd

Create a safer work environment for your employees with the help of air bags from Pro Netting Essex Ltd. With over 10 years of industry experience, we only use high-quality materials for our safety nets and airbags. For more information on our fall safety equipment, give us a call.


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