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How to Stay Safe on Site This Winter

Whatever the weather, work still needs to be completed! For those working at height, the cold temperatures and gloomy conditions are often just part and parcel of the job. However, these conditions can make it more likely for a safety incident to occur. Read on to see our top tips on staying safe when working at height this winter!

Thoroughly Check the Site!

While this is something that all reputable tradespeople would be doing anyway, it’s vitally important to do a thorough check of the site before work commences. In colder weather, it’s much easier for slippery patches to form with frost and ice the biggest dangers. High winds can also shift installations, so it’s worth double checking everything so that you’re not caught out halfway through a job.

Make Sure Training Is Up to Date!

Again, regular training and refreshers are commonplace in virtually every workplace, so this should go without saying. However, there is specialist training available for winter and this should be considered to ensure safety. Covering slips, trips, and falls, as well as frostbite from low temperatures and working in low light, this training ensures that you can work safely in any environment!

Wear the Right Gear!

Making sure that the right clothing and PPE is available in vital in ensuring the safety of your workers. As well as standard overalls, goggles, hats, and coats, you also need to make sure that extras are available and that none of this interferes with other vital PPE. High-visibility wear is perfect for lower light conditions, so make sure this is available as much as possible.

Keep an Eye on the Sky!

As a site supervisor, you’ll have a weather check as part of your regular duties. However, this part of the role is even more important during the winter months. With the sun lower in the sky, fewer daylight hours, and colder, more unpredictable weather, you need to keep a much closer eye on what’s happening. By getting ahead of the weather, you can be much safer on site and optimise the working hours of your team.

Want to Know More?

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