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Extra Dangers to be Aware of During the Winter

The nature of working at height is already dangerous in itself. Hence, it only makes sense that employees and employers alike know what awaits them on-site during the winter. Everything that the winter season brings—including the moody weather, low visibility, slippery surfaces, and high temperatures at height—poses tons of challenges for workers to carry out their dangerous job.

If you have an upcoming industrial construction project or any emergencies involving working at height, below are some of the extra dangers you need to be aware of in these wintry conditions.

Extra Dangers While Working at Height During Winter

The weather conditions across the UK can drastically and dramatically change without warning, and this poses dangers for employees as they are exposed to such conditions. That said, we have listed the extra dangers that you need to be wary of, along with their corresponding preventive measures.


Slippery Surfaces

Working on roofs is already considered a high-risk job—what more if it is during winter? The worst part is that during winter, some roofs require maintenance. With the formation of ice and algal growth, which is typical during winter, things get even trickier to manage. You will have no choice but to go up and try to access the roof, which can be challenging and dangerous.

Hence, when you are left with no choice but to work at heights during winter, you must ensure that you are wearing the proper footwear so that you will not expose yourself to more danger. And before you step on any slippery surfaces, always observe care and do not be reckless.


Bad Weather Conditions

During winter, there are three conditions you should never underestimate while working at heights: wind, snow, and rain. One wrong move can lead to great danger and jeopardize your safety and health. You may not be walking on slippery surfaces while working at height, but if strong gusts of wind are present, you will be exposed to unpredictable workplace hazards such as falling and flying objects, and even you can fall from a significant height. Meanwhile, rain showers or snow will cause slippery surfaces.

When faced with the danger of bad weather conditions, it is best to wait until the conditions will get better. It is always advised to manage the risks beforehand especially if you are aware if there is bad weather coming up. You know what they say—prevention is better than cure.


Low Visibility

When working at height, your eyesight is really important as you would use it to keep watch for any possible harm you will encounter while working. However, even if your vision is 20-20, it will not matter if there is low visibility onsite. Various things can cause low visibility. It could be fog, dust, and debris picked up by the cold winds of winter. It becomes easier for you to be exposed to danger.

To combat this, wear goggles while working at height. This is to protect your vision, and also for the fog or wind to not directly impact your vision. When working at height, it's better to be safe than sorry.


Extreme Cold

Working in cold conditions, regardless of whether it's working at height or not, will always be a struggle. But when working at height, the cold is an added danger that you should keep in watch for. Exposure to freezing conditions could cause frostbite and even hypothermia for those who will work long hours at height.

So, if you ever have to work at height during winter, it is essential to wear enough layers to protect you from the cold. Don't take any risk and always dress for the cold, including waterproof boots and gloves. This is for you to still carry out your tasks at hand despite the cold conditions.


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